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Saida Towers is the largest condo complex on South Padre Island and definitely the most resort-like in amenities. Consisting of 4 towers plus the timeshare tower 5 of Royale Beach & Tennis Club, you can book 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos right on the beach. Saida is great for families with full kitchens, living rooms, & onsite bar/grill.

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    Saida Towers is at the apex of College Spring Break on South Padre Island thanks to the efforts of Inertia Tours, the #1 provider of spring break condos on the Island. Inertia does a fantastic job of rolling condos at Saida Towers as part of its Ultimate Condo Category together with a dine out meal program and Red Carpet VIP Party Package with all the parties and a side trip or two for students.

    Inertia Tours massive block of condos at both Saida Towers and the Royale Beach & Tennis Club makes it the largest provider of accommodations at Saida for the months of March and April for students, particularly large Greek blocks for Fraternity and Sorority groups that all want to stay together. Rockstar Beach Stage is located adjacent to Saida as well as Inertia’s HQ hotel at the Pearl Resort with its daytime spring break pool parties.

    For more information on a spring break package that is as close to all inclusive as exists and the largest spring break parties, visit: or call Inertia at 800 821 2176 / email: Please let us know if you are a student or family so we can direct you to the right package quote.

    For our families seeking to avoid college spring break mayhem we do offer condo complexes on South Padre Island that do not accept students, or bookings for those under the age of 25 at Suntide I as well as various other private homes and condos. We do NOT recommend Saida Towers if you want peace & quiet in March, be warned.

    For those families (especially with teenagers) that want attend college spring break and be directly in the mix of things, Saida can offer the perfect choice as your young adults can enjoy their own 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condo, while Mom & Dad or younger siblings can stay in their own units. Families and adults, PLEASE INQUIRE directly on this site rather than inquiring with Inertia Tours

    A word about the noise and mayhem in March during college spring break:
    Saida Towers actually is only fairly noisy Texas week when many locals come to spring break. Inquire with us as to those dates if you wish to avoid loud student groups please. The rest of March, you will be fine as an adult booking the Saida Towers.

    If you are a student group that does NOT want to have an inclusive package of meals and parties that Inertia Tours offers, please inquire directly on this website for a condo only price deal. Please note: in the Month of March, a minimum 4 night stay is to be expected most dates. As we have access to over 60 condos between Saida Towers and the Royale Beach & Tennis Club for college spring break, we can handle even the largest of student groups.

    Have more questions about college spring break at Saida Towers? CLICK HERE for more info

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