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About Saida Towers

Saida Towers is the largest condo complex on South Padre Island and definitely the most resort-like in amenities. Consisting of 4 towers plus the timeshare tower 5 of Royale Beach & Tennis Club, you can book 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos right on the beach. Saida is great for families with full kitchens, living rooms, & onsite bar/grill.

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    Sunday-Thursday Specials

    While we certainly can and do accommodate weekend and weekly rentals, for those vacationers With flexible travel plans inquiring about our Sunday to Wednesday or Sunday to Thursday Rates offer an unquestioned deal typically 25% to 50% cheaper than say Thursday to Sunday Weekend rentals.

    Ancient Money Saving Secrets for booking your vacation to South Padre at Saida Towers:

    Tip #1:

    Book Sunday – Thursday instead of Friday & Saturday to save 35-50%. It is THAT easy.

    Tip #2:

    You can only come for a weekend or it is peak season rates and still want a deal? Get one! Simply tell us when you inquire you want the best possible rate by taking a “run of the house” condo –meaning we pick your tower, unit, and floor as long as that condo is of the correct size in terms of being a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condo unit. You give up knowing the exact unit to get a better price!

    Tip #3:

    Invite others to come with you. We always offer a discount when you book more than one condo unit with us. This means if you and your family only need a 1 bedroom, but your brother may want to come and needs his own condo by booking the 2 condos together you get a discount! Inquire we would love to help!

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