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Saida Towers is the largest condo complex on South Padre Island and definitely the most resort-like in amenities. Consisting of 4 towers plus the timeshare tower 5 of Royale Beach & Tennis Club, you can book 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos right on the beach. Saida is great for families with full kitchens, living rooms, & onsite bar/grill.

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    Saida Towers is by far the #1 spring break condo complex on South Padre Island with upwards of 1000 college students staying here per week of spring break.
    If you want the size & amenities of what a condo gets you versus a tiny hotel room, but still want a massive party scene, Saida is without question the best choice in March.

    Saida is popular for college students because:

    1.) It is massive with 5 towers, and has 1, 2, 3 bedroom condos to accommodation nearly any group size
    2.) The condos have full sized kitchens that help broke college kids save money on food by doing prep at the condo. This includes a full sized fridge for party beverages
    3.) Inside the condos have room to hang out with couches and a dining table. They are great for easy going pre-gaming with your friends to save money prior to going to spring break clubs with expensive drinks.
    4.) There are heated pools and hot tubs. Even if the weather isn’t spectacular, you can still enjoy swimming and handing out in one of 3 pools or 3 Texas sized outdoor jacuzzis
    5.) Saida is next door to Rockstar Beach Stage, as well as many of the Inertia Tours & SWAT spring break condo complexes so you won’t be far from your friends
    6.) The condos here are walkable to over 10 restaurants, including value priced places like Subway & Johnny Rockets. The spring break clubs like Louies Backyard, Longboards, and Tequila Sunsets are all within 5 city blocks walk saving you money on cabs
    7.) The security at Saida is level headed. They know spring break condos can be lively, but do have a legit warning system in place so you can have fun if it is under control
    8.) You only need to be 18+ years of age to rent a spring break south padre condo here from us
    9.) Let’s face it. A hotel room sucks. You have 2 double beds to rub legs with your dude friends at night. That isn’t super cool man. A condo hss separate bedrooms and extra bathrooms for girls to get ready faster too. Hotels suck on spring break = no pre game = less hooking up = way less fun!

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    Most weeks of spring break, you can expect to pay $200 to $350 per person for a condo at Saida for 5 nights/6 days with tax, maid service, processing, and all the other junk fees all included in the price. Plus, being able to walk to all of the free beach activities during the day at Rockstar Beach or the Pearl Hotel where Inertia Tours headquarters for their daytime concerts during spring break saves a lot of hassle and money.

    The 1 bedroom condos allow up to 6 people, while the 2 bedroom condos allow up to 8. The three bedroom condos are hard to come by and book out fast – these accommodate up to 10 people. Book EARLY if you want one of these huge, premium units. Most 3 bedrooom condos on south padre island do not allow college student rentals, but Saida Towers does.

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