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About Saida Towers

Saida Towers is the largest condo complex on South Padre Island and definitely the most resort-like in amenities. Consisting of 4 towers plus the timeshare tower 5 of Royale Beach & Tennis Club, you can book 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos right on the beach. Saida is great for families with full kitchens, living rooms, & onsite bar/grill.

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    South Padre Island Real Estate

    Interested in investing on the tropical Island of South Padre?  Look no further – we are here to help!

    The best investment property on South Padre Island is definitely beachfront.  Why? People come to the beach to stay on the beach. Condos off beach rent after beachfront is sold out OR becomes too expensive due to high occupancy. Otherwise, travelers just don’t want to stay off the beach.

    Bryan Pinkerton is the best South Padre Island Realtor being born & raised on the Island. Being with Pinkerton Real Estate, he has since a kid lived and known the Island.

    Saida Towers represent the most resort like condos on South Padre Island. The complex features 5 towers, with every condo 3rd floor or higher having both a beach and pool view. There are tennis courts/pickleball courts, a private beach access point, outdoor showers as you come off the beach, 3 pools (1 of which is heated year round) 3 Texas’ sized hot tubs, plus a unique bar and poolside grill next to the main pool in front of tower III.

    It’s not surprising that Saida is one of the most sought after places to stay on vacation – therefore making it a great beach condo investment choice!

    Many people don’t realize why South Padre Island Real Estate is so hot, so here we go:

    -We have upcoming SpaceX launches which are viewable to a degree from Saida

    -Texas annual population growth is amongst the highest in the USA – meaning more people will want to see our beach and pay for a stay

    -Texas has no state income tax – like Florida, a reason so many people want to retire here to stretch their fixed income further

    -It is as far south as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, making it very tropical

    -In good economic times or in a recession – fact is, driving is much cheaper than flying and that makes South Padre an affordable beach vacation.

    The condos at Saida Towers all have kitchens that are fully equipped to make meal prep easy and cheaper than expensive Island restaurants. The separate bedrooms afford more privacy for families of all ages too. The advantage of buying at a resort style complex like Saida is ease of use. Staying on the beach in easier. Hustling stuff off the beach is a nuisance for a family.

    Additionally, having a well run South Padre HOA Management Company like Island Services that runs Saida Towers keeps upkeep within budget unlike a luxury home.

    We added this page for those owners at Saida Towers that want to list their property, or for those that want to buy at Saida. Also, if you are wondering on south padre property management services as you do not want the hassle of running the rentals yourself, Chad at or cell 512-825-2157 call or text – he would be happy to help you out too as the administrator of this website Saida Towers South Padre. South Padre Trips is the #1 rated Vacation Rental Management Company on South Padre Island. He will make it completely turn key for you to get a mail box check each month when you are not using the property after you buy from Bryan.

    At the end of the day, you may not consider yourself a “real estate investor” if this is your first 2nd home – but the fact is you will or would be or are. Let us take out the anxiety of this listing or purchase. Call Bryan 956-592-5667 or email him:

    There is not a need to call or email anyone other than Bryan. Between Pinkerton Real Estate for buying or selling, or their family business of Island Services managing the HOA, we make it easy.

    He will set up a real estate search within your budget and needs you get an auto email on each day. When you see something you might like, he will assist. He also gets some “pocket deals” that go on the market so you have a shot at them before anyone else.

    We will make your search for a. South Padre Realtor stop today – here and now.

    South Padre Island has some of the lowest priced gulf property in the USA.

    Texas is growing rapidly with Companies like SpaceX, Tesla, Samsung, Google, Facebook, & more all with offices in Austin TX just a short drive away. It’s a red hot job market.

    Guess what? You can surf South Padre Island. Everywhere else on the Gulf Coast has simply sucky waves.

    The unprecedented demand for beachfront condos on South Padre Island is unlikely to end. There is very little new construction on the Island as building restrictions, codes, and a difficult City Government make it tough. Saida is well established and run. In the next decade we expect the property on South Padre Island to dramatically appreciate in value. We do anticipate prices will be similar to prime coastal properties like in Florida and California.

    Now is the time to invest on South Padre Island. 

    Luxury Homes on South Padre Island

    From luxury homes on the Island to great family beachfront condos like Saida, we are happy to show you around and set you up on a custom real estate search.

    South Padre Island Real Estate

    Located on the tip of Texas, South Padre Island is very warm year round. It sits on a perfect piece of Texas beach. Did you know that wearing a tie on the Island is actually illegal? It is!

    South Padre Island Texas is still expanding, and you can be a part of this growth. Our strong beachfront rentals at Saida will produce off setting income to the costs of owning a condo here, while you and your family can enjoy adding your personal touches to the place.

    Find the surfer in you on South Padre Island

    Condos for sale on South Padre Island that are beachfront are the best investment for all the reasons we detailed above. Not to mention, killer bayside Stand Up Paddleboarding, to world class kiteboarding on the flats.

    South Padre Island Real Estate

    Known in Texas as “Padre” but not to be confused with it’s ugly neighbor to the North Padre Island (3.5 hours away, cold, not a great beach) this Texas resort town waiting for you to call it your 2nd home.

    Currently, 1 bedroom beachfront condos at Saida are priced $350,000 to $450,000 per unit. 2 bedroom condos are priced $500,000 to $700,000 depending on view and if renovated; 3 bedroom condos vary from $540,000 to $800,000 depending on the square footage and view (floor location) as well as tower location. Saida III / Saida IV / Royale tower tend to be the more value priced as further back from the beach, with Towers I and Towers II commanding generally speaking a premium price.

    South Padre Island is actually home to almost 3,800 permanent residents. However, including tourists, up to 350,000 people visit the island each month. Excluding day trippers, the Island population breaks down like this on average as a rough estimate:

    • Residents 7%
    • RV Visitors 1%
    • Seasonal Visitors like Winter Texans 22%
    • Condo and Hotel Tourists: 70%

    With about 70% of the monthly population looking for vacation rental properties, you can see why buying a place on the Island is a good investment.

    Whether you are looking to the Island for your own 2nd home or condo, or have heard that buying an Airbnb condo is a great idea because of tax benefits, you will love all the price points and choices.

    South Padre Island real estate has something for everyone.

    The Island Life – South Padre Island

    With 30+ miles of undeveloped shorelines, it’s hard to imagine doing anything other than hitting the beach, but catching your own Island Vibes is just a start. Don’t be surprised when you wear out flip flops and your budget for sunscreen has blown up!

    South Padre Island Dining is known for its fresh gulf oysters and shrimp, not to mention fish tacos with Red Snapper or Flounder.

    Crossing the causeway bridge called the Queen Isabella Causeway which is about 2.5 miles long from the mainland to Texas, make sure your passengers have their cell phone cameras ready have arrived!

    College Spring Break on South Padre Island brought prominence to the Island in the 80’s but now is but a shadow of its former South Party Island image. Sure, we still have many bars like Longboards, BOBs, Driftwood, and Clayton’s Beach Bar, for great sunset cocktails and live music, but the party party atmosphere just doesn’t exist anymore. Family beach vacations are by far our new bread and butter.

    Dining on the Island offers so many different options, including the new food truck area across from Sunchase. it is hard to choose where.

    Here are some of our favorite South Padre Restaurants:

    -F&B Restaurant
    -Liam’s Steakhouse

    Semi-Fine Dining:
    -Sea Ranch at the Marina
    -Meatball Café

    Great Bar Food:
    -Tom & Jerry’s Bar / Grill
    -Bar Louie at Marriott
    -Montana’s / Kraken Arena

    Simple & Tasty:
    -Ceviche Ceviche
    -Mahi Nics
    -Johnny Rockets
    -Russo’s Italian

    Not to be missed….Yummies Bistro – Island #1 lunch and breakfast spot

    South Padre Real Estate Companies like Pinkerton Real Estate can seem like a dime a dozen. Local knowledge and great communication are what sets us apart. As Bryan Pinkerton was born and raised on South Padre Island, with his Father serving as the Island Mayor for many years, he is not just familiar with the area and not just a real estate agent, he has the ability to make deals happen with local connections. Plus—what an expert on Saida Towers.

    Get going on a dream you probably have talked about a long time. A condo on the beach at Saida Towers!

    Please call Bryan or text on his cell: 956-592-5667 or email him:

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